Parktown Drilling brought has a wealth of experience in the water industry. We are able to provide a complete service for commercial or domestic use. From an initial geological survey, through to installation of borehole pumps and water supply infrastructure. With your own water borehole, you will be self sufficient and totally independent of mains water. Enjoy high quality natural water on tap with no added chemicals - Most bottled water brands come from boreholes!

Borehole Deepening

Is Your Borehole Running Out of Water?  

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Borehole Drilling

Fast drilling. We will drill your 40m borehole in 2-3 hours and we will guarantee all our services for 5 years.  

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Borehole Repairs

We do boreholes repairs on boreholes which have their pipes damaged and broken as well as faulty installations.  

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Geological Siting

Siting is very important when it comes to borehole drilling. Choosing the right Siting partner means everything in this industry.  

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Pump Installations

We Install for you the right pump at the right price. We travel anywhere within the bouundaries of zimbabwe.

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Solar Generation

Value Added Service of Solar Generation to compliment our existing offering. Talk to us to set you up for solar.

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Borehole Drilling Videos

Watch a few videos of our team drill boreholes in and around Zimbabwe on our Youtube Channel.

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